We are two travelers who bored of wasting time looking for information and after storing hundreds of travel data we started making our online travel guide and now we share.

“We believe that traveling gives you happiness, a sense of freedom and it is learning”
“We believe that new technologies should improve information and communication channels”
“We believe that diversifying tourism destinations can improve local economies and avoid overexploitation of consolidated destinations”

Soledad Bravo

Luciano Giacomelli

We Hope To help Worldwide Travelers 

In TravelerRoute created the first TravelGeodirectory….. and What is that?


Tourism Directory +  Geolocation System + Social Network


Our Web Traveleroute.org & TravelG App are simples, easy to use and with a huge source of information coming from travelers, official tourism entities and internet.

“We decided to change the way how we travel creating a platform that integrate relevant information and provide an environment where worldwide travelers can connect, share experiences, suggest spots and much more”